Haint Hasslers
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One day on Twitter, I was joking around with friend and web comic writer/artist Jordan Witt. She writes and draws an ongoing web comic about a ghost hunting organization, and we started talking about what a Southern version of that organization might look like. The name "Haint Hasslers" sprang up, and as soon as we said it we knew we had something.

"Haint Hasslers" is about the ghost hunter Mikaela and her apprentice Ellis. Mikaela and Ellis operate out of (real, but fictionalized) Wetumpka, Alabama, posing as fake reality show ghost hunters, like you do. They get called to investigate a poltergeist at a nearby BBQ joint. As you might imagine, mayhem ensues. Southerners take their BBQ very seriously.

"Haint Hasslers" debuted at HeroesCon 2013. You can buy it right here or read it for free right here.